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Hope you all are doing well. Every day I place you before the Blessed Sacrament and pray for you.

Ash Monday – An obligatory day for Fasting & Abstinence. We have Church services in our Church on Monday (February 15th) evening at 7:00 PM with the blessing of Ashes and distribution. We have arranged small containers for people to take ashes home if needed.

Feast of St. Joseph - This year is especially dedicated to St. Joseph. The 33 days’ preparatory prayer for the consecration to St. Joseph starts on February 15th and continues every day after Mass. The Feast Day is March 19th.

Annual Lenten Retreat - This year’s Annual Lenten Retreat, organized by our Diocese, will be conducted online. Two renowned Retreat Preachers are giving the talks in two different weeks. Bishop Prince Panadan (March 12-14, 8-10 PM); and Fr. Roy Palatty (March 26-28, 8-9 PM). Please plan your schedule according to your convenience to attend either one or both.

Confessions - The time for confessions will be on two Saturdays, March 20th and 27th, 9-11:45 AM.

Kurisinte VazhiAs usual during the whole Lenten Season in our Church, we will have Short Stations of the Cross (Kurisinte Vazhi) in 50 days, and Full Stations of the Cross (Kurisinte Vazhi) on every Friday at 7:30. I encourage you all to observe Lent with attending liturgy everyday if possible in-person and participate in the ‘Kurisinte Vazhi’. And also, if possible observe abstinence and fasting all through Lent and especially on Fridays.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

Yours truly,

Fr. John Melepuram
Vicar / Pastor