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Christmas is at our doorway to prepare and to celebrate!

This is the last Sunday before Christmas. Let us all prepare ourselves both inside and outside of our own personal life, family life and community life, before we celebrate it. Once we are prepared the Christmas can bring us so many good feelings: A feeling that our God is with us, "Emmanuel experience"; a feeling that a savior is born for us; a feeling that we are elevated to the status of the children of God, and we are a family here at St. Mary's! The celebrations and ceremonies remind us of all these beautiful experiences.

The COVID-19 has restricted and affected a lot for this year's caroling. However, some of you went to some available families, to have an experience and to remind our children to recall our good old traditions. I was very much impressed to see that at least some families with children and youngsters, going for caroling house to house, singing, praying and wishing the joy and peace of Christmas to available families and friends. I heard that all those who could go along and all those families whom you were able to visit, had and overwhelming experience.

Caroling is one of the best ways to keep our tradition and heritage, and to impart to the growing generation, that there is beauty in sharing, caring and meeting families and friends and praying and wishing the Christmas joy and peace, in the midst of a culture of individualism, selfishness and isolation.

Congratulations to Ward Coordinators, Santa Claus, Singers, and hosted families and above all to the entire participants as well. I thank you all! 

God Bless You.

Yours truly,

Fr. John Melepuram
Vicar / Pastor