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Parish Thirunal and Mega Thiruvathira were Excellent. A time of Solidarity, Enthusiasm and An Expression of our Faith!

It was amazing to see 128 families (including our senior Youth) came forward to sponsor this year’s Thirunal, though some of them were little late to join the group. The Church was fully packed with our families. Even though the weather was not so supportive outside, I was so thrilled and excited to see, our entire Parish community coming together for the Feast of Mother Mary, especially to celebrate the Nativity of BVM (September 8), as a broader family of St. Mary’s Syro-Malabar Parish. 

10 days we came together to celebrate Holy Mass, recited Rosary together, participated in the Novena and experienced the touch of Mother Mary in our lives. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our families, for taking the lead of each day’ prayers and Rosary, and also for their active participation in everything, and making it a joyful time. As a proud member of Catholic Faith and a member of St. Mary’s Syro-Malabar Parish Community, it is always a joy to reflect on the lives of Blessed Virgin Mary, and to cherish and nourish those faith elements in our lives, families and Community. 

The entire Parish Family is grateful to all the Sponsors, for joining with us and leading this Year’s Thirunal, and making it a celestial, spiritual, social, beautiful and elegant celebration, with their sacrifice, participation and cooperation, in everything needed for a Parish Thirunal celebration. 

Parish Thirunal and Mega Thiruvathira it was an occasion for our Parish families to come together and express our faith, and to enjoy our solidarity, fellowship and friendship as well. Everyone who attended and participated was happy and shared their joy. Behind this successful weekend celebrations, there are several people to work hard, to motivate & encourage, to give training, to prepare and finally to COORDINATE THE WHOLE EVENTS. Congratulations and THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Our CCD School starts today - September 18th

We come every Sunday to this church to celebrate our faith; to teach our children faith through our CCD classes, and to grow in our faith, based on Bible and Liturgy; we nurture our heritage and tradition through our social and spiritual gathering. It’s here our children and our young generations are shaped, in their journey of faith, practice morals and values. We have a NEW CCD Coordinator this year - James Thomas, along with Jaya Vathappallil to lead the CCD program. I encourage all parents with children, to register your children ASAP, to bring them on time to the classes, to cooperate and support our CCD Teachers, and to follow the policies and procedures of CCD school as well! No more Registration will be accepted, after October 2nd. 

God Bless You.

Yours truly,

Fr. John Melepuram
Vicar / Pastor