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Month of May is dedicated for a special veneration and devotion to Mother Mary.

It’s a great tradition in the Catholic families to recite Rosary together and to read the “Vanakkamaasam” daily during the family prayer. Children are encouraged to decorate the statue or picture of Mother Mary, especially during this month. It’s a great occasion for our children to grow close to Jesus Christ and to Mother Mary as well. “May Crowning” and praying with Mother Mary at home, are the great tradition and heritage of fathers and forefathers in Kerala. Please encourage our children and try to recite Rosary every day. At the end of the month, families used to come together to celebrate the feast of Mother Mary, with celebrations, games, dinner and fireworks with firecrackers as well. That’s the good old traditions and many families follow it very well. Marian Mothers are taking the lead in this month of May for Ushering, Reading, singing in the Choir, making the Coffee & Tea etc.…

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

Yours truly,

Fr. John Melepuram
Vicar / Pastor